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The services of a library are designed to facilitate and invite use of resources and satisfy the reading goals of users .
library services available throughout the world vary very much from country to country, from one area in same country to another area.

The services basically include:-

services in different type of libraries

primary school libraries
library services at primary school level should be closely integrated with the learning & teaching process.
besides central library ,there must also be special classrooms where a judicious collection of books & other materials like toys, models ,pictures, photographs, etc. are collected and displayed.
other services that are normally offered are:-
  1. story hours,during which interesting stories are narrated by professionals.
  2. film shows,relating to books.
  3. video shows both for entertainment & learning .
  4. book displays & exhibitions on important occasions & similar others.

the primary aim in offering these services is to make children cultivate a love for & interest in books and to encourage them to read.

secondary school libraries
a secondary school library should offer the following services:-
(2)information and reference service
3)guidance and advice
4)preparation of reading list on any topic
5)current awareness service on current events,activities, personalities,scientific and technological achievements ,anything of national importance and international events of significance.
6)other services for spreading the message of books and libraries,such as-
organisation of book exhibitions of appropriate occasions.
organising book talks by those who can hold the interest of students
competitions-oratorical contests,debates on current issues, essay writing,quiz programmes,etc.
7)other routine services like display of jackets of currently acquired books,newspaper clippings,particularly those that are of interest to students.

college libraries:-
1)textbook service
2)lending service
3)reading room service
4)reference service
5)display of current additions or production of lists of current accessions.
6)documentation services,only on specific request,to include:
current awareness to literature,specially journals.
preparation of current lists of references indexing/abstracting services on projects and similar others;

7)reprographic servces
8)audio-visual services such as film shows,tape-slide demonstrations,etc.
9)exhibitions and special display
10)assistance in the use of the library

university libraries
a)library services
  1. lending service
  2. reference service
  3. reading room service
  4. assistance in the use of the library
  5. display of current additions or preparation of lists of current accessions
b)current awareness services
  1. current contents of journals
  2. alerting services to important literature in select fields
  3. selective dissemination of information
  4. newspaper and clipping services
c)bibliographic services
  1. literature search
  2. compilation of bibliographies on specific topics
  3. index to current literature
d)condensation services
  1. preparation of abstracts on specific topics
  2. digest services
  3. preparation of reviews/progress/advances on specific subjects
  4. state-of-art-reports
e)other services
  1. document supply services
  2. reprographic services
  3. translation services
  4. computer-based information retrieval

f)specialised services
  1. user education
  2. exhibition and special displays
  3. special lectures and demonstrations
  4. user oriented seminars,workshops,etc.

    these services ought to be planned ,keeping the general demand for such services and capability of library in offering these services.
    user needs and interests are of primary concern in offering these services.

    special libraries
    1)reference service
    reference and research service range from answering simple reference questions to undertaking complex research and literature services.
    2)current awareness service
    routing of current issues of periodicals is one of the most common functions of special libraries.
    current acquisitions bulletins,index to current periodicals, and title alerts are some of different types of current awareness services provided by special libraries.
    3)anticipatory service
    annotated lists,abstract bulletins,news summaries,digests on other types of anticipatory service are also provided by special libraries.
    4)retrieval services
    abstracting.indexing, ad preparation of digests are of paramount importance in special libraries. special project and retrospective files are built up in special libraries for meeting their requirements for new product or process development.